Published Works

A handy list of places my work has appeared. Stay tuned.



“Stone Cedars”/Opossum Literary Magazine.Issue 8.Spring                                                                 2018/Print /

“The Big Tent of Sky”/Tahoma Literary Review.Issue 8.2016/Print & digital                                     Parts 1-6/15 available on Soundcloud:

“Rot Eye”/Carolina Quarterly online. November.2016/

“A Grit Fire”/Pembroke.Number Forty-Eight.2016/Print

“Southwestern Baptism”/Adroit Journal.Issue 16.2016 /

“Walmart Requiem”/Psychopomp.Issue 8.2015/

“Revival”/Timber.Vol 5.2015/Print

“Drafts”/Moon City Review.2015/Print

“Graduation Event”/Sou’Wester.Vol 43.1.2014/Print

“The Hummingbird Murder”/The EEEL.2014/

&   theNewerYork: BOOK IV.2014/Print

“Peaches for Jesus”/The Concho River Review.Vol 28.2.2014/Print

“Stages of Object Permanence”/Elohi Gadugi.2014/

“My Grandmother Lily Says a Few Words About Brooding”/Clockhouse.Vol. 1.2.2014/Print


Star 82 Review.Issue 3.3.2015/Print & Online


The John Steinbeck Award for Fiction: “The Problems of Odessa”/REED.Issue 67/Print

The Beacon Street Prize in Fiction 2013: “House of Broken Dishes”/reDivider.Vol 11.1.2013/Print


for SmokeLong Quarterly

  •  with Michael Sarinsky:

Michael’s story, “August 10, 2016”, can be found here: 10-2016/

Skylar’s story, “The Unicorn”, can be found here:


Kevin’s story, “Missed Connections”, can be found here:  & check out his website:


Kathryn’s story, “Twelve Things I Can Tell You About Cutting” can be found here:  ://


Julia’s story, “Let’s Say”, can be found here:


Zach’s story, “Guardianship”, can be found here:

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