Gallery: Iconic

Jeweled Trees

Acrylic on board. This painting starts a new series. My aim with these paintings is to produce something that carries the iconic qualities of the mandalas and the avatars of motherhood series into a venue that has a wide visual and decorative appeal.

Mandala – Brown, Gold & Green

I began the mandala series, to which this acrylic on board piece belongs, prior to the icons. I had thought that these would fit my piecemeal schedule better, since they can be done in sections. I’ve shown a few in a little place in Sedona and sold a couple. I find that each of them takes on a visual identity even though the decorative components are similar.

Red Icon

I finished this painting – acrylic on board – as the first step of a series I have planned involving a mix of religious iconography and the avatars of motherhood.

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