Front-Cover My short story, “My Grandmother, Lily, Says a Few Words About Brooding”, appears in the current edition of Clockhouse. I’ve gone a bit fan-girl realizing that my favorite American poet, Naomi Shihab Nye, also appears in this edition. I was in San Antonio recently, Nye’s town, to visit my sister. We talked about trying to organize a literary drive-about, cruising the houses of writers like Nye, like Sandra Cisneros, Rick Riordan (yes, I have a ten year old) … and then we decided that might be a tad sycophantic and went to Mustang Island instead. But we talked about writers, and drank Bloody Marys, while a Sargassum bloom stank up the beaches. It was good.

Now I’m all excited to get my mitts on this edition of Clockhouse. Here is a link (and another) to get you to a place where you can purchase copies.

About metonymicalpen

I earned an M.F.A. from Goddard College in 2013. Since then, my work has received the 2013 Beacon Street Prize in Short Fiction and the 2014 John Steinbeck Short Fiction Award. My stories have appeared in REED, reDivider, The Concho River Review, Sou'wester, Moon City Review, and elsewhere. Currently, I live in the desert with my family , but I am trying to move us closer to water. We need an ocean to float all of our ideas.
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