New Erasures

When a blog format changes, it’s something like coming home to find your partner has traded the dog for a kangaroo. No, I’m off on that. Dogs and kangaroos are more similar than the old gallery format and the new gallery format.

Let me catch you up concerning the changes to the gallery format: anyone wanting to browse the erasures gallery will now have to right click on the piece they want to see. One at a time. Oh shoot.

To be clear – this change only applies to the erasures gallery because it has new content.

Well, to make it a little easier, I’ve determined the thing to do is post any new material in the central blog, as well.

Here are three new erasures from Henry Van Dyke‘s Out-of-Doors in the Holy Land: Impressions of Travel in Body and Spirit (the older post, “A Meeting on the Road” contains the history of my love affair with HVD). The erasures from Henry’s work are tending toward the spiritual, naturally.

erasure #3 from HVD

It is birth confusion / that distracts the soul / here / so much is strange / and beautiful.

erasure #2 from HVD

A sea sunken desert / The agencies they call “religion” / mighty ruins / formed over altars.

erasure #1 from HVD

look up / see with the heart / unravel and endure / in the sea mist / song.


About metonymicalpen

I earned an M.F.A. from Goddard College in 2013. Since then, my work has received the 2013 Beacon Street Prize in Short Fiction and the 2014 John Steinbeck Short Fiction Award. My stories have appeared in REED, reDivider, The Concho River Review, Sou'wester, Moon City Review, and elsewhere. Currently, I live in the desert with my family , but I am trying to move us closer to water. We need an ocean to float all of our ideas.
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4 Responses to New Erasures

  1. judith says:

    Yes, in the main body is very much easier than in the erasures section. Thank you.

  2. Beautiful and resonant. Also, thank you for turning me on to Henry Van Dyke – much appreciated!

  3. Kangaroos are really hard to walk/but dogs don’t make good boxing partners/also, their pouches can keep drinks cold.

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